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Scrolling roster of players and coaches - photos by Stanford Athletics

FBC Team of Volunteers

The FBC website and the associated blogs are written and managed by fans of Stanford Women's Basketball who volunteer to keep other fans informed about the team and alumnae. The site has no formal relationship to Stanford Athletics. The people below provide their work and talents to the site gratis. All original writing on the site is copyright by the authors.

Founder & Webmaster Bob Stevens Bob created the original FBC website in 2005, hosts the site and now follows Marian Cortesi as webmaster. Bob and his wife Karen have been season-ticket holders since 1986 and attended Stanford's 1990 and 1992 national championship wins.
Content Manager Nancy Baker
NancyBaker70 Nancy Baker, Stanford '71, AKA Stanford Fan Girl, has been following Stanford Women's Basketball for decades (she watched the 1992 championship game on TV), and has been a regular attendee at home games for many years. An avid sports fan, she grew up in Kentucky basketball country -- one of her neighbors was Frank Ramsey, the famed Boston Celtics 6th man. Now fully retired, Nancy looks forward to following the Stanford Women's team to more of their away games than her work allowed previously.
Emeritus Webmaster Marian Cortesi
Marian In Memorium
Marian superbly managed the FBC website for 12 years. She also wrote the "Stories of the Season" and "Alumnae News" blogs and the "Where Are They Now?" alumnae files. Those who follow in her footsteps will forever be indebted to her.
Pac-12 Review Bob Kinder
KinderNew-70 Bob writes the "Inside the Pac-12" blog. He's no doubt the best informed Stanford fan and follows recruiting more diligently than anyone but the coaches. Insiders always look for his Stanford great recruiting posts on The Bootleg and
Feature Writer & Interviewer Judy RichterJudy Judy writes feature articles about activities of the team and Fast Break Club for the "Event Reports" and "Stories of the Season" blogs. Judy professionally wrote for leading SF Bay Area newspapers for many years.
Graphic Design & Recruiting Sue Soo Sue helps with design projects and, with husband John, keeps up with Stanford recruiting news. We have enjoyed their countless blog postings since the inception of the FBC website.
Recruit News John Soo Working with Sue, John writes the "Recruiting News" blog. We have enjoyed John and Su's countless blog postings since the inception of the FBC website.
Feature Writer Warren Grimes
WarrenGrimes70 Warren, a Stanford grad, contributes occasional feature stories from his home base in the LA area. He is a Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School.
Feature Writer Malcolm McFallMalcolmFBC-70 Malcolm will add Previews of upcoming games and other stories of the season.
Feature Writer Roger Pelletier
RogerPelletier90 Roger leads those focused on and writing about alumni news.