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The FBC website and the associated blogs are written and managed by fans of Stanford Women's Basketball who volunteer to keep other fans informed about the team and alumnae. The site has no formal relationship to Stanford Athletics. The people below provide their work and talents to the site gratis. All original writing on the site is copyright by the authors.

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Founder & Webmaster Bob Stevens
Bob, Stanford '71, has attended home games since 1986. He created the original FBC website in 2005, updates all news, video & social media content and manages the all-volunteer team of contributors.
Feature Writer
& Interviewer
Nancy Baker
Nancy Baker, Stanford '71, AKA Stanford Fan Girl, has been following Stanford Women's Basketball for decades.
Pac-12 Review &
Expert Recruiting Tracker
Bob Kinder
Bob famously writes about many Stanford sports, writes the "Inside the Pac-12" blog and superbly tracks future recruiting prospects.
Feature Writer & Interviewer Judy Richter
Judy, a former writer for the SF Chronicle, contributes feature articles about activities of the team and Fast Break Club
Recruiting News John Soo
John writes the "Recruiting News" blog.
Feature Writer of One Fan's View Warren Grimes
Warren, a Stanford grad, contributes feature stories from his home base in the LA area.
Emeritus Webmaster Marian Cortesi
Marian superbly managed the FBC website for 12 years. She also wrote the "Stories of the Season" and "Alumnae News" blogs and the "Where Are They Now?" alumnae files.