Stanford Fast Break Club Supporting Stanford Women's Basketball

Fast Break Club Benefits

"... the income generated from fan support, locker sponsorship, etc. allows our team to compete at the highest level." Tara VanDerveer

What is the Fast Break Club?

The Fast Break Club (FBC) was founded in 1992 as a volunteer organization whose purpose was, "to increase active spectator support and enjoyment for the Women's Basketball program at Stanford and to raise funds to be used for expenses not generally covered by the operating budget."

Several years ago, Stanford's funding of all athletic programs was placed under the umbrella of the Buck/Cardinal Club. With the FBC's fund-raising not needed, the club's other activities gradually declined and it is no longer an active organization. This website, which is a volunteer effort not associated with Stanford Athletics, is the only thing that remains of the original club.

The name Fast Break Club is now used by Stanford Athletics to identify the group of our most loyal fans that support Stanford women's basketball by donating money to the program via the Buck/Cardinal Club. Have fun while supporting the team and become a member of one of the most vibrant booster organizations in the country!

What does the Fast Break Club do?

"Another big part of the Fast Break Club is to meet people who share your passion for Stanford Women's Basketball." Tara VanDerveer

Pre-game Chalk Talks. Learn the team's strategy before home games.
Post-game Meetings. Hear from coaches and players after weekend games in a fun, casual atmosphere.

How does the Fast Break Club help the team?

Extra Resources. The Fast Break Club provides important resources for the women's basketball program through membership and donations.
Strengthens Fan Base. The Fast Break Club provides the team with its most loyal fans.
Builds Attendance. Members are key to building attendance.

Still have questions?

Call Eileen Roche, Director of Women's Basketball Operations at 650-725-8104 or email